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I'm an adoptee; co-founder of the group IdentityRites - peer support and advocacy for adoptees.

New links

I have added a couple of new web links, 1. A psychiatrist talking about his work with adoptees and addiction.  He describes the neurology of an infant separated from its mother at birth as enormous loss and grief. 2. A … Continue reading

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‘What does it mean to be adopted?’ I was asked.

  It means you look into the mirror and your face disappears behind the silver backing.  No one you know is reflected there.  You would see if you could see, no familiarity, only difference. It means you look into your … Continue reading

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WRITING, RIGHTING AND RITING ADOPTEES’ IDENTITIES: AN ORGANISATIONAL RITE OF PASSAGE Sofie Gregory (written on behalf of IdentityRites), see Abstract: IdentityRites is a group of adults who are adopted. We formed a group to find commonalities in our … Continue reading

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Anniversary of the Apology for Forced Adoptions

I attended the apology in Canberra last year, and came to a new understanding about what was going on in the media, regarding adoption.  I always felt adoptee issues were left unsaid, continuing the secrecy inherent in our lives. I … Continue reading

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A voice for adoptees

IdentityRites is applying for funding to run sessions for writing your own stories in 2015.  Details will be available soon.  IdentityRites has a web site at

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