Adopteeidentityrites belongs to Sofie Gregory.  I am one of the co-founders of IdentityRites.

IdentityRites is a peer support and advocacy group for adoptees.  We respect individual stories.  Each adoptee has lived a unique life.  Members are welcome to write their own stories, but not to criticise others.  Our group is a place for learning, healing and exploring ourselves and our stories, and looking at the commonalities.

Our group consists of members who have diverse experiences, including people adopted at birth, or after institutionalisation or foster care; people who knew they were adopted from an early age and others who were ‘late discoverers’.

The founders of the group are from the ‘Forced Adoption’ era, and cover a broad range of life experiences.  Many of these experiences have been affected by adoption even though we may not have recognised it at the time.  Some of us are childless, others had a child of their own placed for adoption, and others of us have muddled through motherhood – some with awareness that our own adoption experiences influenced the choices we made, and others of us are still making the connections.  Many of us have problems sustaining lasting relationships.  The impacts of adoption appear to be more obvious as we get older.  Life events such as the death of one or other of our adoptive parents have given some members the freedom to explore their own stories when they no longer feel obligated to the family who adopted them.  Some have found their birth families, others have not; finding or not finding your family can result in enormous new experiences of loss and grief.

Whatever your story, we invite you to find a way to share it.

Some of the views on my website may be mine alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of other members of the management committee of IdentityRites, although I support everything they stand for.

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