Suicide Risk for adoptees

Perhaps like the psychiatrist Paul Sunderland once did, you wonder why a particular acquaintance of yours keeps ‘banging on’ about being adopted.  Perhaps you could then acquaint yourself with some of the evidence of adoptees’ troubled lives.  The scar of separation and loss remains inside every adoptee.  It may appear to be less for young babies separated at birth, but that is because it is buried deep in the subconscious, driving decisions and actions in life.  Paul Sunderland says it is ‘remembered, but not recalled’.

Here is a link to another website, where you can get the latest evidence of  many adoptees troubled minds.  Adoptees attempt suicide at approximately four times the rate of teenage offpring.

Read it here


About sofie gregory

I'm an adoptee; co-founder of the group IdentityRites - peer support and advocacy for adoptees.
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